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Ultimate Coaching Package (2 x 45min-Skype)

Course description

The Be Epic Ultimate Coaching Package has all the tools to aid your 3-week experience as you use your Be Epic Journal, PLUS you get two 45-minute Skype sessions with James Moorer and Ann Kimbrough to jumpstart your success and keep you on track to reaching your goal!

James Moorer

James Moorer

James Moorer is part philosopher and part cheerleader. He created the Be Epic mantra as something to say to himself. He needed it, picking himself up and overcoming a life on the streets to live the life of his dreams. Being Epic meant reaching for his goals, even when they seemed impossible. Finding the greatness within, shutting out anything that said he could not and replacing it with Be Epic. Now he's sharing his successful strategies to stay motivated and reach a focused 3-week goal.

Course Contents

2 Videos

3 Surveys

8 Texts

6 PDFs

2 Audios


24.0 hrs